Prolonged sun exposure can have damaging effects to the skin. What appears to be a "normal" mole can sometimes be a type of cancer called melanoma. If these lesions are identified early, they can be removed before causing any invasive damage.

At Pacific Oaks, we use a tool called a dermatoscope, which has been proven to increase diagnostic accuracy for unusual skin lesions and early invasive melanoma.  If you have not had your annual skin check exam, make an appointment with Pacific Oaks Medical Group for your dermoscopy evaluation today.


At Pacific Oaks, we offer a wide range of minor cosmetic procedures, and we are proud to offer Botox injections to our patients. Botox is an injectable medication that temporarily improves the appearance of some wrinkles and crow's feet lines in adults.

Pacific Oaks also offers Botox treatment to migraine headache sufferers. Botox can be used o treat migraine headaches that have not responded to other forms of therapy. 

Cosmetic Fillers

We are proud to offer a number of cosmetic fillers to our patients, including Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane. Cosmetic fillers can temporarily enhance certain facial features, soften facial creases, and remove wrinkles. 

To learn more about cosmetic fillers, please visit the specific links below...

Juvederm        Radiesse       Restylane