David Alajajian, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Instagram: @gaybevhillsdoc

As a gay man I found it difficult to be honest and open with my physician about important aspects of my health. While my doctor was supposed to be my strongest supporter and advocate, I felt there was a knowledge gap between my reality and what my doctor would perceive my reality to be. It wasn’t until I completed my residency that I discovered the emerging field of Gay Men’s Health and an exciting career where I could practice my passion for preventative health while bringing to the table my life experiences, rich collateral knowledge and commitment toward serving and bettering my community. LGBT people face very unique health related issues and are met with an enormous disparity in healthcare. Our needs are complex and encompass mood disorders, sexual health and wellness; yet we are in direct danger of misdiagnosis, inappropriate care, discrimination, lack of access and loss to follow-up. My goal and passion is to bridge this gap, to advance access and to improve the quality of care brought to our community with compassion, care and understanding free of judgement or bias.